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Wild garlic mayonnaise

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I think my consumption of mayonnaise is almost illegal (luckily the government legislates on that, I assure you); I eat it several times a week. The recipe has been on the blog for a while, and it’s really something very simple to make, with easy ingredients, and at least I know what I’m putting in it unlike the ones we buy which are often stabilized ; it’s far too quick to make for me to buy a huge pot that I can’t finish.
So it goes without saying that the very moment I had a bunch of wild garlic, I didn’t really hesitate to pimp up my mayonnaise.

Vegan mayonnaise: what ingredients?

In my basic recipe, I offered a version with soy cream. In fact, I make vegan mayonnaise with just about anything that contains soy and that I can get my hands on.
You will tell me, why just soy is unfair for the intolerant; I know, I’m super sad for them, but soy contains lecithin, which is the same molecule that’s in egg yolk.
There you hold your secret. This is how you get a nice emulsion.

Depending on what I have on hand or if I have an open brick in my fridge, I make my mayonnaise with:

  • soy milk
  • soy cream
  • soy yogurt

We could think in light logic, but it would be illusory with regard to the quantity of oil that we just add on top.
The process is the same for all options; we put soy milk/cream/yogurt, salt that stinks of egg aka kala namak salt (which we no longer present), then the oil. We mix, and it’s over. The more oil you add, the more it freezes, it’s up to you to see your favorite dosage, the one here is for information only, because it is mainly done by eye.

For my part, I always use bioplan├Ęte oil “cooking and frying”, which is organic and deodorized: it does not bring any parasitic flavor, I like its neutrality.

Wild garlic mayonnaise

For once, it’s more a recipe idea than a recipe in its own right because clearly, it’s mayonnaise mixed with wild garlic, but hey, it’ll look nice on pinterest to pin, and it will stay !

Already, I invite you to always be very sure and certain of what you pick: mayonnaise with colchicum or lily of the valley is not as good.
We can never repeat it enough: a successful identification is a life preserved or a hospital stay less!
we are starting to find some on sale, but I invite you to consult my article on wild garlic risotto, where I talk more about identification.

Finally, if you can’t find wild garlic, know that this recipe goes well with any fresh herb: parsley for toast, basil for a rice salad, chervil, chives, coriander, oregano… greenery!

This mayonnaise is delicious with fries, or a few raw vegetables on an aperitif platter (right now, especially carrots but the first cucumbers are making a comeback).
For other ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • A Piedmontese salad pimped with herb mayonnaise
  • Of the sweet potato friesguaranteed comfort menu
  • A rice salad with peas, cucumber, and asparagus

Wild garlic mayonnaise

A very easy to make mayonnaise, with the addition of wild garlic, for a subtle flavor of garlic and fresh grass
Type of dish: sauce
Food: French
Servings: 1 ramekin


  • 2 vs. soup soy cream
  • 1.5 vs. coffee mustard
  • 4 vs. soup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 vs. coffee fine salt
  • 15 g wild garlic fresh


  • In a clean container, put all the ingredients, and mix with an immersion blender to obtain a firm and creamy sauce. Normally, the reaction is instantaneous. If the texture obtained is too liquid or not firm enough for your taste, add oil and emulsify again. Note: once kept cool, mayonnaise will tend to thicken.

  • Rinse your wild garlic with water and vinegar, then mix to obtain a greenish cream with green punches. The finesse is up to you!
  • Keep cool, for a few days, in a clean container, and scoop out with a clean spoon as well instead of dipping your food directly into the jar.