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Vegan rhubarb and strawberry tiramisu

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Who knows why, it took me a very long time to rework my tiramisu recipe, because I experienced several failures, but also because at the time I made my tiramisu with Provamel soy cream which simply disappeared from the surface of this planet (or rather rays in France), and I had somewhat buried this project.
But because the tiramisu finds its way even in the worst situations and the sticks in the wheels, I come back victorious with the vegan rhubarb and strawberry tiramisu!

The cream for a vegan tiramisu

In the classic tiramisu, we are on a mixture of whipped eggs and also mascarpone. The mascarpone does not develop a very marked acidity, and the texture is airy thanks to the eggs, light and a little oily in the mouth, but without excess.
I had made, a while ago, an aquafaba version, which seemed to be the most logical and simple version available, and you had been a lot to fantasize about in the photos.
But now, I was terribly disappointed because aquafaba + soy yogurt = super acidity. However, the tiramisu remains on a cheese base, so it is important that there is a certain fresh acidity, so I have, instead of removing the yogurt which has its place here, removed the aquafaba.

I had already told you about a cream for tiramisu based on whipped soy cream, but the Provamel brand which marketed this product has withdrawn everything from organic stores and now only markets vegetable milk in traditional supermarkets: I still struggling to grieve, their margarine was also very cool.
In fact, I had therefore somewhat forgotten that until discussing the Soy cream with Mélanie du blog “the chicken ass” : it abounds relatively well (the cream, not Mélanie), or in any case enough to bring a frothy appearance in certain preparations and under certain conditions. Nothing is ever cake in pastry (irony of fate).

The whipped cream + yogurt mixture brings everything I was looking for: sweetness, freshness (namely that the vegetable cream is much less greasy than the animal cream used in whipped cream, by half or more), and we therefore find in my opinion the texture perfect and creamy!
The air bubbles, even if they are temporary with the whipped cream which would not hold together, are trapped in the mixture with the yoghurt and this frothy effect is therefore retained despite everything and without adding agar-agar.

Strawberry and rhubarb vegan tiramisu

A combination that works particularly well: the tangy but sweet strawberry and the really acidic rhubarb, which is needed right away.
The classic tiramisu has an opposition of flavors too, with biscuits generally marked by the slightly bitter soaking liquid of a strong coffee and a little amaretto, we have a slight but very real bitterness. This is also what makes the dessert pleasant: a slightly sweet feeling in the mouth!
Bitterness is often thought of as a negative flavor (many people don’t like bitter foods), yet it’s a fantastic way to de-sweeten a dessert. Especially in well-designed caramel desserts, the caramel is cooked more than necessary to obtain a welcome bitterness that will break up the excess sugar.
The acidity also helps to temper this sweet sensation in the mouth: we salivate, we feel the need to have a sweet flavor to attenuate, bingo, we have gained in relief.

Here to simplify I took speculoos, but I obviously prepare a more traditional version with a sponge cake!
Thanks to the rhubarb and its acid flavor, the non-hydrated biscuits do not dry out, successful bet!

The rhubarb can only be poached, or in compote (which allows you to have a little more afterwards in a yogurt or just like that!).

Strawberries are at the end of the season, but know that it also works very well with raspberries which are much easier to find.
And we can test lots of more or less official versions with other vegan cookies, and other fruits.
I, who don’t necessarily run after desserts, have to admit that I appreciated this one for its richness in fruit (I will certainly disappoint 98% of my readers, but the fruit before the chocolate).

Hope you like this version!

Strawberry and rhubarb tiramisu

A fruity vegan tiramisu, with a light and soft cream made from soy yogurt, and the simplicity of a speculoos cookie that brings a spicy flavor and an easier and quicker recipe to prepare.


  • 400 g soy yogurt
  • 70 g Granulated sugar
  • 150 g soy cream from the soy brand
  • 1/4 vs. coffee salt
  • 1 vs. coffee vanilla flavor
  • 2 vs. coffee almond puree
  • 180 g speculoos
  • 300 g strawberries
  • 600 g rhubarb
  • 60 g water
  • 120 g Granulated sugar
  • 1 pod vanilla


  • The day before or a few hours before, put the soy yogurt to drain in a colander with a cloth or gauze. I use a strainer with a deep enough bowl to prevent the bottom of the strainer from touching the liquid after a few hours of draining.
  • Prepare the rhubarb compote. Cut off the damaged ends of the rhubarb, remove the fibrous skin from the top, then cut into even-sized chunks.Put in a saucepan with water, sugar and vanilla cut in half and scraped.

    Cook for about twenty minutes, covered, then allow part of the liquid to evaporate, stirring to obtain a compote. Let cool.

    Remember to remove the vanilla pod and rinse it to put it in sugar!

  • Take 4 jars, stemmed glasses or other container of your choice in individual format, or a small dish for a collective format. First lay out a layer of speculoos that you have taken care to crush coarsely.
  • Then, take out the drained yogurt, and put your cream to foam. It will not become like whipped cream at all, but like lightly whipped egg white, to give you an idea. The fact that she is cold really doesn’t matter.
  • Mix the yogurt with the sugar, the vanilla flavoring, and the almond puree. Then gently add the foamy cream, so as to keep the whipped side.
  • Alternate the different layers between the cream, speculoos and fruit (preferably cut into fairly small pieces). Namely, it is really important that the rhubarb compote is cold otherwise it will weaken the cream.
  • Put in the fridge for a few hours so that the sparkling aspect is well set.
  • Enjoy fresh!