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Tomato vermicelli soup

5 mins read
I think until recently, I always saw vermicelli soups as a punishment. My mom sometimes made it for her and my sister with chicken broth, and I thought it was horrible. I hated the elongated and almost impalpable shape of the vermicelli, the impression of not being able to chew anything in the mouth, that everything was soft and inconsistent.
And then I forgot the long vermicelli, and I discovered the little star-shaped pasta, and I wanted to eat it in a very simple and comforting way.
That’s how my tomato vermicelli soup was born: in the lazy nest.

Vermicelli, stars or alphabets: the world of small pasta

I put in the vermicelli category everything that can be used for this type of preparation, but some are more or less pleasant to eat!
As said and unsurprisingly in this context, I don’t like classic vermicelli that looks like little bits of straw. I find that once cooked, they have no chewiness, it’s like eating a kind of mash.
Besides that, you can find very easily and for very little money small stars or alphabets to prepare your soups.
The cooking time is generally short, the pasta very small, but this recipe can be made with spaghetti that you will break up (my god, sacrilege) or shells!
Even if it’s still quite fun to have your little bag of special pasta for cuddly meals!

Soup with tomato sauce and pasta

The idea of ​​this soup not being to take a lot of time to prepare (here it’s my soup when I’m tired, I have little time to cook and hungry!), I use a jar of tomato sauce.
For the soup to have flavor without having to multiply the tasks like adding herbs, spices, and patati and patala, I take an already tasty tomato sauce. Not just artificially sweetened half-acid tomato coulis. No, no, the right tomato sauce. We try to do good with this kind of recipes, by a reduced preparation time, and by a good taste. It would be a shame if that turned into a punishment!
It’s up to you to see what speaks to you with your habits, for me it’s a very simple pomodoro from Prosain, you may want it to be with basil, or something else, the important thing is that you like this sauce and not not just tomatoes but a sauce.

Then, the realization is extremely simple: we cook the pasta in water and tomato sauce, and we eat.

This recipe is a very regressive must have, which allows you to eat hot and good for a somewhat “joker” meal.
A perfect Sunday evening dish or for when you have a cold and lack the energy to prepare something else.

Not my most complete dish, but completely pleasant to have a little kiff when you need comfort.

If you ever want something else but always within unbeatable deadlines and with only products from the cupboards, do not hesitate to take a look at the recipe for corn soup and at Cream Of Chestnuts.
Always the same pleasure of having nothing to do and savoring their thick texture, each in its own style!

Tomato vermicelli

A pasta and tomato soup, to be prepared in 10 minutes flat.


  • 300 g tomato sauce i.e. 1 jar
  • 200 g pasta type vermicelli, small pasta …
  • 800 ml water


  • In a saucepan, heat the water and tomato sauce.
  • When boiling, pour the pasta, cook according to the instructions (I usually take a few minutes off because the pasta stays in its broth and tends to continue cooking!).
  • Pour into your plate (or eat in the pan eh haha), and enjoy hot!
  • You can add a drizzle of olive oil and a few basil leaves, parsley…
  • It is also possible to put everything in the pan and then put it to heat even if it is less academic!


The dose is for 2 to 3 people, for a single meal. I do not advise you to reheat this soup because the starch contained in the pasta will freeze and clog quite a lot!