Summer Omelet

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The omelet is above all something you make with mushrooms, in winter or autumn. If you’re a little fifou in your head, you add potatoes, and it’s really a blast.
It is often said that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, people who have been following me for a while will have notified the recipe of Omelette present on the blog that we can, and even that it is rather good.
I changed my mind about the composition in the meantime because, as with many recipes whose quicheI almost never have silken tofu at home: of all the basic products, it’s the one I have the least easily at my disposal.
This omelet is an extremely quick meal to prepare, and that’s good. The cobblers are often badly shod, and when it comes to food, when I’m alone at home and I’m working, I tend not to really prepare good meals for myself.
I try more and more to think about dishes that are ready very quickly, and in the summer it’s really fantastic for that: there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that you can put on this kind of preparations.
In short, all this to tell you that I really invite you to let yourself be charmed by this summer vegetable omelet, and to vary it as much as you wish.

The vegan omelet

The omelet is eggs and more eggs. Without eggs, it sucks.
In our case, the base of this omelet is very simple and I use, in different proportions, to make my quiche mixtures.
I use soy yoghurt, soy cream, chickpea flour, and I get a preparation that I cook in a pan, very simply.
I would point out that it is still necessary to have cooking equipment that does not stick: either something with a coating that does not adhere, or well seasoned cast iron! It would be a shame to stay with your omelet stuck to the bottom.

Similarly, vegan preparations are less airy and light than egg-based ones, so we will make them thinner to avoid choking on them.

Filling for a summer omelette

I must say here that I bet on a concept that is less similar to the classic omelet (where everything is IN the omelette and not on it) than to a thick pancake.
When Mélanie and Azilis, friends from Le cul de poule and Rose Citron, came to visit me, we ate at a restaurant that offered soccas. If you do not know this preparation, it is a pancake made from chickpea flour, which comes to us from the south of France.
It was really nice because it was both nutritious, and at the same time, not too heavy when it’s hot.
I stayed on very basic: how to garnish something in summer without sticking tomatoes on it? I had initially thought of also adding pan-fried peppers (but hey, I’m allergic to it so it would have been a shame), but it’s immediately a preparation that must be cooked.

So I opted for 100% raw vegetables with fresh tomatoes, arugula, cucumber and pumpkin seeds.
A tomato is not a tomato until it has seen the sun, I advise you to take beautiful old-fashioned tomatoes, very fleshy, very tasty. I don’t know if you knew it, I didn’t always know it so I’m telling you here: all the “old” tomatoes that you see in the classic supermarket are in fact not so old varieties. We have isolated the characteristics that “make” us have the feeling of being on authentic tomatoes, namely the ribbed appearance, the slightly different shapes, etc. But we are still on tomatoes that grow in greenhouses, sometimes in substrates. In short, we are very far from the authenticity of a beautiful tomato that grew under the sun and you can taste it.
A really nice tomato should be a little tender to the touch when you touch it: a ripe tomato should never be hard!
I’m not going to do a whole course here on “how to choose your tomatoes” because that’s not the subject of my heart, but here it is: take good ones, it’s always better!

I also decided to add cream cheese as a garnish. It’s a little fresh cheese that I buy in a jar at the organic store, from the Nutty Bay brand. Without much originality, it’s a cashew nut cheese (can’t wait for the knowledge to spread on more local alternatives), but instead of being a simple mixture just mixed, it’s also fermented, which gives it a real cheesy flavor and a little sour, slightly tart. I gave you a recipe for homemade fresh cheese, if you don’t have this brand (or another you like) you can of course do it yourself! You also have the version of cream cheese with herbs based on soy yogurt.
I strongly encourage you in any case to taste them if you come across them.

summer omelet

Servings: 1 Omelette


The vegan omelet

  • 100 g soy yogurt
  • 50 g soy cream
  • 50 g chickpea flour
  • 50 g water
  • 1/4 vs. coffee kala namak salt or failing that normal salt
  • 1 vs. soup oil

The garnish

  • 30 g rocket
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 1 fresh onion
  • 1 vs. soup cream cheese
  • 1 net balsamic vinegar
  • 10 g pumpkin seeds
  • kalamata olives


  • In a suitable container, and using the immersion blender, mix all the ingredients for the omelette (except the oil) to obtain a homogeneous preparation.
  • In a non-stick pan or any other pan that cooks without sticking, cook the omelette in the spoonful of oil. Cover while cooking so the omelet stays a little moist and doesn’t get dry. After a good 5 minutes, lift to check the cooking: when it starts to brown, I turn it over to brown the other side, this time without the lid.
  • Prepare the vegetable garnish: rinse the tomato, arugula, cucumber and fresh onion.Finely chop the fresh onion (the quantity depends on your taste), cut the tomato into large, fleshy slices, and the cucumber into slices or strips using a vegetable peeler. I preferred to keep the skin which brings here a pleasant flavor.

  • Once the omelette is cooked, arrange the raw vegetables, pumpkin seeds, olives, then the cream cheese. I put a tablespoon as an indication but it is also according to your preferences. Then drizzle with balsamic vinegar. You can also simply opt for a very classic vinaigrette, but the acidity is important to come and bring salivation into all this.
  • The omelette can be eaten hot or cold: it is always delicious!


1 Omelette is a meal for me. It looks big but it’s ultimately a satisfying portion!
You can obviously eat less depending on your appetite.