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Prune cream

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This probably won’t be my most visual recipe (might as well shit in a bowl eh – I’ve always been told to take care of your introductions, introductions are important-), but I really invite you to go beyond your prejudices and give him a chance. Prunes rarely appear in my recipes, after the far breton in my recent article, I thought I had to share with you this silly recipe for cream of prunes.

Prune cream?

Nothing to do with soy or cashew cream (purists will say “give it back the names”), but what else would you call this creamy-looking blended thing?
I don’t really run after prunes on paper, but I had made this recipe to accompany a rice pudding for a partnership, and I found that it was seriously heartbreaking.

In reality, I was more interested in the idea of ​​a prune caramel, a bit like a date caramel, which we have seen so much on the networks in the healthy sphere, because the glycemic index is less explosive than that of classic caramel. So clearly, it has nothing to do with the classic caramel, let’s be very clear on france inter: it’s a date puree, it’s good, but it’s not caramel at all (and it’s still roughly sweet in sensation).

But there is no doubt that it is a real delight, which is prepared very quickly, and which can be spread almost anywhere or serve as a rather healthy topping. And unlike dates, it’s local.
So I was talking to you about rice pudding, but it obviously works in crepeson Porridge.
It was only after making it that I realized that it is a product that exists in the store, sold under the name, crème de pruneau.

In my case, and as I like contrasts, I add a little pinch of fleur de sel from Ile de Ré (direct chauvinist team): it enhances the flavors and brings a welcome salty touch. Maybe you haven’t noticed it but I put it in almost all my desserts, it’s the little taste of coming back to it.

Preparing the prune cream

To make this cream, I continued to start my stock of super soft prunes sent by a brand, but having already bought other brands, not all of them are as melting.
I didn’t soak them because they’re already flabby, but if you have prunes that are a little drier and firmer, I recommend soaking them overnight, the final mixture will only be smoother.

Concerning the material, nothing really rocket science, but here arises a regular challenge with mixed things: either to do a lot to put them in my blender, or not to put enough and do that with something that mixes less well and which will give a less fine result. It’s up to you to choose according to your panel of tasters, here I knew automatically that for prunes, it would be without a blanket! And although I find it good, eating my weight in prune cream did not seem super judicious to me.

This spreadable preparation can be kept in the fridge, for a short week no more, because the vegetable milk that is in it will not last forever with you.

Homemade prune cream

Cream of prunes is a mixed preparation to spread, to use as a topping for your preparations or to eat with a teaspoon. It’s a recipe that looks like date caramel, but with prunes.


  • 150 g prunes
  • 150 g vegetable milk
  • 1 pinch flower of salt
  • 1/2 vs. coffee vanilla powder


  • If your prunes are a little firm, or if your mixer tool is not very powerful, put the prunes in vegetable milk, in the fridge, overnight. The next day they will be like your toes after a bath.
  • On D-Day, put all the ingredients in a blender, and blend until you get the smoothest cream possible. You can adjust the liquid part according to the rendering you want, namely that you can remove a little milk from the recipe if you really want a thick “spreadable” thing.
  • Then, store the cream of prunes in a bowl or a small jar, and store in the fridge for 4-5 days! This preparation can certainly be frozen too, given the amount of sugar contained in it.