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Potatoes with smoked paprika

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Potatoes, I don’t eat that much, or at least not that much apart from the fries that we have once a week and that we really appreciate.
Recently tempted by the idea of ​​small potatoes cooked in the oven with fleur de sel, I thought we would be half a dozen for Christmas and I had bought a little more than necessary.
So I wanted to vary the pleasure of potatoes by cooking them a little differently without revolutionizing the world either.
This is how I wanted to consolidate the magnificent pair of paprika and potato in this recipe for oven roasted potatoes with paprika.

The recipe for baked potatoes with smoked paprika

It’s a recipe that is really easy, but like all recipes, it’s better when you have all the practical information for it to be perfectly successful. So I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to be able to make delicious baked potatoes.

Choosing your potatoes for baking

You’re going to tell me, girl, a potato is a potato, you wash it, you cut it, you put it in the oven, that’s it.
I pretty much agree, except I disagree.
Certainly any potato immersed in the intense heat of an oven will come out cooked, it’s easy physics to see. Except the truth is that if you make a potato gratin with non-starchy potatoes you’re going to have a lot of problems in your life (or a liquid gratin), and if you make potatoes cut like that and you use a variety of potatoes that does not hold together, in other words not potatoes with firm flesh but floury flesh, and you’ll see that it’s still not the same effect.

So that it’s not suffocating, and that the potatoes keep a little firmness, I made this recipe withs potatoes “tenderness” say firm-fleshed. They had the advantage of being small, which was perfect in my cooking plans, I wanted something resembling shot.
You should know that shot is a new potato that grows in the summer, so in the middle of January, it’s complicated.
As for small potatoes, there are a few varieties such as the ratte du Touquet, but by the greatest chance, I found the “tenderness” variety (it’s not the cutest potato name on earth, that ?), which are also small potatoes with firm flesh.

You can easily make this recipe with normal-sized potatoes, but the bigger and “storage” they are, the thicker the skin, which is not necessarily super pleasant in the mouth. Besides, we’re very happy not to be able to peel the potatoes, aren’t we?

The smoked paprika

the smoked paprika is a small dried and smoked chillithen reduced to powder. It gives a sweet and slightly smoky flavor to food, very pleasant!
I love using it to brown foods that are meant to “brown” like my chickpeas with paprika in the pan, so here I found it quite natural to put some in my potatoes.

I advise you to user quality spices as always, and which have a lot of taste. I tested for the first time with spices bought in an organic store, and I find that the taste of smoked paprika is really light, compared to my smoked paprika from the brand shira spices which is amazing.
As a bonus, don’t hesitate to add it to the cooking, but also afterwards, after cooking, to have the “raw” taste, which is very interesting.

Roasted Potatoes and What to Serve Them With

To add a little spice to this story, and a little sweet note, this recipe contains a little Espelette pepper (another like pepper), and a hint of maple syrup.
Above all, do not forget to add a nice swig of salt/fleur de sel because it is a feature of the success of this recipe.

The potatoes are self-sufficient, but they will be perfect with a little vegan mayonnaisebut also a few pieces of seitan (I love the one from the Lima brand sold in organic stores), and possibly a little avocado and why not Chili Sin Carne.
I would say that the extra touch in this story is fresh coriander. I know it’s not unanimous, but it really is an aromatic herb that doesn’t have a thick texture like parsley can have, and it has a very pleasant fresh taste (when you don’t find it taste of soap).
If you want to eat them as “fries”, you can also cut them into large potato-shaped potatoes: it might not be a bad deal at all.

In any case, it remains very easy to prepare recipe, which will please many people. The potatoes are yours!

Potato with paprika

Potatoes baked in the oven, very tender, and seasoned with smoked paprika, maple syrup and Espelette pepper. These potatoes are best cooked with small potatoes for which you can leave the skin on.


  • 500 g potato firm-fleshed
  • 2 vs. coffee smoked paprika (bulging)
  • 1 pinch Espelette pepper
  • 1/2 vs. coffee flower of salt
  • 1.5 vs. soup olive oil
  • 1 vs. soup Maple syrup
  • fresh coriander to serve


  • Wash your potatoes well.
  • Drain them or dry them quickly in a tea towel.
  • Cut the potatoes in half or more depending on their size, with their skin on.
  • Put the potatoes in a bowl with the smoked paprika, fleur de sel, and olive oil. Mix well with your hands or a spoon so that they are all well coated.
  • Pour into an ovenproof dish or on a baking sheet. If possible, leave them a bit before putting them in the oven so that the flavors soak into the potatoes.
  • Bake at 190°C for about 25 minutes: the potatoes should be colored and tender when you prick them with a knife blade.
  • Rinse your coriander and roughly chop, then place on the potatoes, with the Espelette pepper.
  • To reheat these potatoes if necessary, put in the oven at 160°C.


The quantity indicated for 4 people depends a lot on the appetites and the number of accompaniments!