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Potato, pea and radish salad with wild garlic

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Monomaniac, is that how you say?
Ever since I found a corner (correction, an entire ocean) of wild garlic, it has become very easy for me to satisfy my curiosity about this wild herb.
In summer, I have a real passion for basil, which I grow in quantity to eat a whole bunch of salads and pestos… It makes you believe that in spring, it’s wild garlic’s great victory.
And I take this opportunity to share with you a very spring salad recipe made with potatoes, peas, and fresh radishes!

It’s by browsing Eva’s stories on the page The french coconutthat I discovered a combination of potatoes and radishes (I don’t know if there were also peas), and that made me very hungry.

Potato salad with peas and radishes

Choosing the right potatoes, still and always a priority

I’m going to start annoying people who pass here because every time I talk about potatoes, I systematically specify the variety or rather the type of potato to use.
It seems redundant, however, I always think of those people who pass here and who have never read a single blog post, and who will believe that you can take any potato for anything and who will complain that the recipe was not crazy.
Here especially, take potatoes with firm flesh, say “salad” which will remain firm and not take on a floury appearance after cooking.
Here it’s not a story of preference but really of outfit: You can cut them into slices, they remain worthy!

Dressing a vegan potato salad

In this version I started with an idea a bit like a Piedmontese salad of spring.
Even if the Piedmontese is rather made, precisely with floury potatoes.
I had just made myself a beautiful wild garlic mayonnaiseso everything was perfect.
The quantity is up to you; I’m a big fan of mayonnaise, and I would obviously put too much.

Another, lighter option is a vinaigrette; I didn’t necessarily choose this option because I wanted mayonnaise, but it also works very well!
I’ve always known mustard vinaigrette, cider vinegar and olive oil, you can imagine it with a balsamic, a little sweeter, or a basic wine vinegar, more neutral than cider.
And if you want wild garlic, which adds its garlic flavor, you can always mix it in the vinaigrette to add an extra flavor!

Substitute wild garlic

Well, wild garlic does the nice little twist here. If you’ve never tasted it, it’s the flavor of garlic, without the persistence in the mouth (#teamhaleinedekoda), and with a little green side in the back of the mouth.
The season for this salad is not super extended if you want fresh peas, but if you make this recipe later in the season, you can imagine a cilantro or basil mayonnaise, which will have two totally different results but very original though!

The weather is starting to get really nice in the spring, so it’s time to eat fresh meals, and this salad will be perfect in a bento box.
To make it a little cooler, you can also add a few gourmet peas, cooked with the peas. I had planted some last year in the garden, peas and snow peas are actually the same “peas” but at different stages of maturity, the snow pea being the “baby” of the pea.

Potato salad with peas and radish with mayonnaise

A potato and pea salad, with radishes and a vegan wild garlic mayonnaise. A complete dish to slip into picnics or meal boxes.


  • 800 g potato firm flesh
  • 300 g peas fresh or frozen
  • 1 boot radish
  • 60 g soy cream
  • 20 g mustard
  • 150 g vegetable oil neutral
  • 15 g wild garlic
  • 1/2 vs. coffee kala namal salt


  • Put your potatoes to cook in water or steam (I prefer steam), until they are tender; it greatly depends on the size of your potatoes so prick them.
  • In a saucepan, cook your peas. Bring the water to a boil with coarse salt for about twelve minutes, then rinse them with cold water. In this way you will retain the tender green that makes them so appetizing.
  • Similarly, rinse your radishes, remove the root, then cut them into slices.
  • In the container of your immersion blender, put the soy cream, mustard, oil, kala namak salt, and mix.
  • Once your mayonnaise is whipped, add wild garlic (which you will have rinsed in a mixture of water and vinegar) and mix to obtain a homogeneous texture sprinkled with small pieces of wild garlic.
  • Cut the potatoes into small pieces, then add the radishes, peas, and mix.
  • You can add the mayonnaise directly to the salad bowl, or choose to leave it to everyone’s discretion. You choose!
  • This salad can be eaten warm or cold!
  • To enhance the aroma, you can chop wild garlic on top of the salad.