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Pancake roses

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Sometimes it’s not so much the preparation itself but the shape that makes a recipe original. This is the case with this not entirely original idea that I am offering you today to present your pancakes and save you time when serving.
I’ll explain all this to you in the rest of the article, but I was strongly inspired by the apple or potato roses that we see everywhere on the internet and which have had serious class for a few months or even years.
We are therefore going to make pancake roses together or quite simply rolled pancakes: because nothing is too good for the Candlemas !

Make pancake roses

The choice of pancake batter

I have two pancake batter recipes on the blog. Both contain fat, it is an important point no matter what.
I tested for you a great trick. This is the story of me making pancakes. And obviously just making pancakes isn’t enough so I usually do 200 things at once, so I put my margarine to melt in the microwave and when I opened my microwave 2 hours later to warm up my chocolate sauce which had frozen a little, I found my 100g of margarine waiting for me quietly and which had frozen too.
The creepiest will say that I just have to throw my microwave out the window, but beware I throw the creepy ones out the window because they don’t heat up margarine in 10 seconds, THEY.

You may be tempted to modify this part, but the fat is a major component for very melting and fluffy pancakes. Because I was there, chewing my pancake and saying to myself “damn it, that’s not crazy”.
And that’s normal: the fifou was behind the microwave door.

In this recipe we are going to roll pancakes, and suddenly, I can only advise you 1000 times my recipe for fondant pancakes rather than that of my very easy pancakes. The seconds are slightly more elastic and in my opinion it will be much less pleasant in this form.

The fillings of the crepe roses

I don’t think I’ll teach you anything if I tell you that you can put whatever you want in pancakes, but even if it means breaking open doors, you can say it: you can put whatever you want in pancakes (even nothing).
But even if it means worrying about making pretty things, you might as well go all the way and try elaborate toppings.

Here are the three ideas I experimented with for you:

  • Almond cream, bananas, chocolate sauce
  • Almond cream, pear, chocolate sauce
  • Apple, brown sugar, cinnamon (and I would have added a caramel sauce)

Almond cream or even frangipane (which is a mixture of almond cream and pastry cream) is a fairly common filling in crêperies. It melts well, it’s rich, and if you add a hint of bitter almond aroma, it’s very tasty!
The chocolate flows naturally with it, and my chocolate sauce can be used as a garnish in the crepe, but also as an extra when serving, depending on everyone’s taste.
The fruits are the home base of the original version: the shape otherwise resembles a snail more than a rose. It is also a rather healthy sweet filling that brings a bit of chewiness.

You can obviously choose all the toppings you want: spread, cream (the recipe is in my super vegan baking ebook), ganache, pastry cream, compote…
You can also add all the fruit of your choice depending on the season or the contents of your freezer, then finish the decoration with whipped cream (the recipe is also in my super vegan baking ebook).

The trick to preparing pancakes in advance

We will all have known this: either you make your pancakes in advance and they are cold, or you make them as you go and you stay in front of the fire while each person eats a pancake.
If as a bonus we add toppings worthy of a restaurant decorated with portholes and headlights, we don’t get away with it.

Here, big plus, you can prepare the pancake roses ahead of time. We garnish, we roll and stroke of genius, we put everything in muffin molds.
And when the guests arrive, we put it in the oven at 160°C for about fifteen minutes, and afterwards, everyone eats hot pancakes together.
Isn’t life beautiful?

pancake roses

An original way to present your crêpes for Candlemas


  • 250 g wheat flour t45
  • 4 vs. soup cornstarch shave
  • 580 ml soy milk
  • 160 g soy yogurt
  • 100 g margarine
  • 1 vs. soup aroma here rum and vanilla
  • 30 g Granulated sugar
  • 1/4 vs. coffee salt kala namak for egg taste


  • 1 Almond cream
  • 500 g fruits here banana, apples and pears


  • Make your pancakes. The recipe given here is a recipe for very melting pancakes but a little less easy to make (they are a little more fragile). I put here the link to a recipe for very easy pancakes if you are not comfortable with the concept.
  • After that, make an almond cream, or better, a frangipane, which will be more melting and creamy. For the almond cream, go to the recipe for the Tarte Bourdaloueand for the frangipane recipe, on the recipe for frangipani waffle (the one and only). There may be a little more than necessary, to garnish only half of your pancakes do not hesitate to divide the recipe by two.
  • Then cut the fruit of your choice into thin slices, especially the apples. The idea is to be able to align them and roll them without risking them breaking.
  • Lay out a cold pancake in front of you (otherwise it will leak everywhere, and no one wants to do Greco-Roman wrestling with pancakes). Spread a layer of cream or filling of your choice. Here I put almond cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Fold the two edges of the crepe, twice.
  • Arrange over the fruits aligned as in the picture.
  • Gently fold the bottom over the top, and roll up.
  • Spoon into muffin tins and keep refrigerated until your guests arrive. At the time of tasting, allow 15 minutes at 160°C (or more if your pancakes have been chilled for a few hours), until the filling is hot.
  • Remove cells and serve with the sauce of your choice (chocolate, salted caramel, whipped cream, etc.)