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Pan-fried apples

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Here is an accompaniment that I love with all my heart, which does not cost much, and which brings a little originality to traditional garnishes such as green beans, potatoes and chestnuts!
Pan-fried apple, here just for you!

Roast apples in a skillet

To start, you will have to choose apples. I love royal gala, I advise you to keep a variety of apples that hold together and to avoid compote varieties such as golden ones, which tend to fall apart.
Otherwise you may have some difficulty in having well-defined pieces of apples, and you might as well make a compote (which can also be delicious though!).

Preferably take a fairly large frying pan that does not stick (because even if it has its charm, presenting the apples with your ass stuck in it is blah), and do not hesitate to anticipate the preparation if you are a lot of table (report that the pan will be too small): there will always be time to heat them in the oven in a large dish afterwards.
For pretty apples, don’t skimp on the fat, so don’t be light-handed on that.
To prepare this recipe, we cut large quarters of apples, in general an apple is cut into 8 to 12 quarters to have lamb’s lettuce. Then, in a greased frying pan, I place them to optimize the space, then I brown them over medium heat for a good 5 minutes.
Then turn them over and cover. It’s a bit tedious but I promise it’s delicious! Cook covered over low/medium heat until the apples are tender. They can even remain a little firm in the heart, this will allow them to retain a little more of their acidity.

To vary the pleasure of these pan-fried apples, you can make a few twists to this recipe, you can add spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, or star anise, but also of course cinnamon.
And it goes without saying that you can completely caramelize them with a little cane sugar for a small addition of sugar around saltier toppings.
Finally, an imponderable: remember to make fleur de sel available to bring a surprising little touch that will contrast!

I find that they are particularly indicated to accompany a roast tofuWhere coffee glazed tofu (give it a chance because with its celeriac puree, it’s a fun combination!).

Fried potatoes

An accompaniment to compose sweet and savory fillings, and bring a gourmet touch to more usual fillings.


  • 1 kg apples
  • 3 vs. soup oil
  • 1/4 vs. coffee flower of salt


  • Start by peeling your apples, and removing the core, either using an apple corer or by cutting them into quarters to facilitate the operation without breaking the pieces.
  • Prepare two pans (or just one, but you’ll have to work twice if you can get all your apples golden brown on both sides), and grease. It is possible to use margarine as well, I personally prefer the flavor of a fruity olive oil.
  • Arrange your apples so as to optimize the surface of the pan, bearing in mind that you will have to turn them.
  • Cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat, until the apples are golden brown.
  • Then turn each slice of apple over and cook for about ten minutes over medium heat, covered.
  • Apples are done when tender. Place some fleur de sel, and some preferably freshly ground spices.
  • To keep warm or reheat, place in the oven.


If you wish, feel free to add spices to these apples.For cooking, it may be necessary to use two pans to be able to arrange them well and brown them.