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Hummus Pasta

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The title says it all, but what the title doesn’t say is that hummus pasta is as quick to make as it is satisfying to eat.
I will nevertheless give you a few subtleties to best savor this treasure of simplicity which allows you to balance the simplest of pasta dishes.

Hummus as a sauce

the Humus, you certainly see it as a kind of thick paste to spread on blinis. Until a few years ago, that was my case too, but you can very quickly fall into the gang of people who even put it in the noodles.
We put mixed vegetables, and even cream in pasta, so finally, what is the difference with legumes apart from their great capacity to offer you protein in a very honorable quantity?

For it to be as delicious as possible, you have to dilute the hummus a little, but also try to mix it finely. Logically, with a little water it’s easier to get something very creamy!
In terms of seasoning, I prefer to lower the proportion of cumin a little (a spice that I only like in mixtures and not so much on its own) by increasing that of coriander, whose fresh and lemony taste I really appreciate.
This produces a fluid, thick sauce with an easy-to-use flavor.

I’ve been talking to you about it regularly ever since, but from the moment I discovered the white bean creamI opened a door to the world of legume-based sauces and I wonder why I hadn’t done it before: it’s a wonderful way to consume it without really realizing it!

Prepare your hummus pasta

For the preparation of this very simple adventure dish, two options:

  • The very easy one: you prepare your hummus (or even you buy it, yolo), you dilute it in a little water to obtain a fluid cream but not liquid either, and you stick it on the freshly cooked pasta.
  • The less “easy”: we take the time to put the pasta with the hummus back in the pan, with a little of the pasta cooking water. The starch contained in the cooking water will produce its little miracle and we obtain a well-bound preparation with the well-distributed hummus.

Of course, I encourage you to try the second method which, in my opinion, obtains the best result for unctuous, well coated and creamy pasta.

Hummus pasta side dish

With the hummus pasta, a promise: you will not leave the table hungry. Do not hesitate to moderate the portion because it is very nutritious!
To counter the BOOM effect of this dish, I advise you either to add tomatoes, which are easy to prepare and add at the last moment, or to use roasted zucchiniwhich will be a real delight in this dish.
And then it will also make you a portion of vegetables!

The final touch of this masterpiece will obviously be to add a few fresh basil leaves (it can also be oregano!), and Kalamata olives, or capers. These little touches of flavor will be complete when you have put a few turns of the pepper mill.

It can sometimes seem complicated to enjoy yourself easily, but this recipe will certainly quickly enter your top 5 lazy recipes, a little more elaborate than “pasta/olive oil” without costing you 45 minutes in the kitchen.

What if I don’t like hummus?

Know that this pasta “hack” works with all legumes, but I advise you to eventually turn to my white bean cream with almonds, which will go well with many foods!

And if you’re really not a person with legumes (but I still advise you to pay attention to it to ensure your intake!), you can always try this recipe for spaghetti with roasted tomatoes and basil .

Hummus Pasta

Mix pasta and hummus? And why not ! A delicious and very easy to prepare recipe that will allow you to easily add legumes to the menu without even realizing it.


  • 530 g Chickpeas i.e. 2 boxes
  • 2/3 juice of a lemon yellow
  • 2 vs. soup olive oil
  • 1/2 vs. coffee salt
  • 1 vs. coffee coriander ground
  • 2/3 vs. coffee cumin ground
  • 1 vs. coffee sesame puree
  • 2 pods garlic
  • 400 g pasta
  • 500 g Cherry tomato
  • kalamata olives or capers


  • Cook your pasta, preferably spaghetti which lends itself well to this type of preparation, in a large volume of salted water. Plan for al dente cooking if you opt for the “less easy” method.
  • Then, prepare your hummus by mixing all the elements. Set some aside as you may not use all of it, and adjust by adding a little water to get a smooth, but not runny texture.
  • Rinse and cut your cherry tomatoes in half.
  • Also prepare your fresh basil.
  • Once the pasta is cooked, two options: – Drain the pasta and pour the hummus over it, simply adding tomatoes and possibly olives/capers.

    – Drain the pasta, keeping a little of the cooking water. Put the pasta with the hummus and a little water, and the tomatoes, in the pan and sauté quickly over low heat, until the hummus coats the pasta well and the tomatoes cook slightly.

  • Serve quickly as hummus tends to set as it cools. Don’t forget to add the basil leaves and a briny/acidic element such as capers or olives, which will add relief. Similarly, pepper the mill generously.


The quantity of pasta is given as an indication and to be adapted to everyone’s appetite.The same goes for hummus: it may seem like a lot to some people, but the advantage is that you can only dilute part of it and keep the rest to eat it more “classically” as a spread.