Green asparagus with tofu mayonnaise

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Since I discovered the roasted green asparaguseach year, it is a wonder at the time of the season of its arrival on the stalls.
I sing the praises to you, invariably, because the green asparagus is the icing on the cake of the spring plates. I can say at the price per kilo that I really chose my favorite vegetable like a bourgeois, even if the prices from local producers are very reasonable.
In this recipe, I stuck with the best way to cook the asparagus aka baking, roasting, but adding tofu on top, much like traditional recipes that use egg toppings.

Cooking green asparagus: in the oven or in the pan

I’m going to go against my own principles by telling you that you can choose another cooking method for your asparagus in this recipe (and in general).
I know that everyone does not necessarily have an oven, nor want to turn on said oven (even if the cooking of asparagus is by chance quite fast).
Obviously, the fanatic of cooking in the oven for its great simplicity and the absence of check up makes me say that I should not offer you an alternative, but for people who like to eat their asparagus more crunchy, we can all to use a very simple frying pan.

For pan-frying, and as asparagus tends to stay firmer, I find (but that’s personal) that it can be interesting to skim the lower part of the asparagus, leaving only the edges of the head with the thin stringy skin. Otherwise, we quickly have this unpleasant feeling of chewing a chewing gum at the tasting!
As much as I’m a big fan of the classic peeler for just about everything, but for asparagus, I recommend the more modern peelers which really save waste and barely remove the nasty fiber.
Asparagus is so expensive that every strand less hurts your butt.

Then, well don’t be sparing with olive oil, then brown them over medium heat: for a more cooked appearance, you can add a lid. Remember to turn them over: unlike cooking in the oven, you don’t party for 12 minutes.
Controlling the cooking according to your tastes by tasting is what remains most effective.

Eggs mayonnaise

It’s an idea I stole from my last issue of Vegetables of spring. If you’re reading me and you’re wondering what a Legumiade is, and it’s really a funny word, I invite you to go find out about this quarterly format in which I put 10 seasonal recipes with local fruits and vegetables, among others.
I’ve always had a monumental crush on space for mayonnaise. When I was younger, my mom bought me tubes of mayonnaise, and I ate it directly on bread or with pieces of cucumber. It was the life that I had decided to lead and which explains to you a little why and how I stick mayonnaise quite often on my plates and in my life.

Vegan mayonnaise is now sold (rather in jars than in tubes, but that’s just as good, isn’t it?) in regular supermarkets, but I don’t consume 200g all at once, and I find that harsh Expensive for what it is.
My recipe is always the same, whether I make it with soy cream or with soy yoghurt (which for me is the best rising option). It takes about 40 seconds to do and it’s wonderful and firm. Do not hesitate to go frankly with the mustard and the salt, because the mayonnaise will also be used to flavor the tofu which will be crumbled and which is completely “plain”.

In this recipe, I chose to mix vegan mayonnaise with plain tofu. I draw your attention, as always, to a major detail: the texture of the tofu used.
I am a subscriber to soy tofu which I like, but it is true that it is above all very practical because it goes with everything. For this recipe in particular, I encourage you to use a more melting and smooth tofu, such as Tossolia or Locadélice, which are really very different.
When you crumble them, I find that you end up with something quite close to egg white in texture: a little bouncy but melting at the same time, which doesn’t last long in the mouth.

For the good rotten egg taste (as the comforter would say), the best thing is to use kala namak salt, which I often tell you about, but which takes on its full meaning in this preparation. Without, it’s really less reminiscent of eggs, and a bit bland.

Asparagus with tofu mayonnaise

Baked or pan-fried asparagus is topped with a little crumbled tofu mixed with mayonnaise, for a perfect starter or light main course.


  • 500 g green asparagus be a nice boot
  • 30 g soy cream or soy yogurt
  • 30 g neutral oil see notes
  • 10 g mustard
  • 1/4 vs. coffee salt kala namak
  • 1/2 vs. coffee turmeric
  • pepper
  • 250 g plain tofu fondant
  • 3 vs. soup chive


  • Rinse the asparagus and remove the very stringy base which you can save for an asparagus tail soup. For a passage in the oven, you can keep them as is, in the pan, I find it better to work them with a peeler to remove the thin stringy film.
  • In a dish or on your hob, arrange the asparagus and drizzle with a generous drizzle of olive oil that you will distribute by massaging the asparagus, before placing in the oven at 200°C and cook for 12 to 15 minutes depending size. To control, plant a knife blade and adjust to taste. In the pan, heat the pan, then oil and add the asparagus. Fry for ten minutes: for more tender asparagus, you can cover with a lid to cook “smothered”.
  • Prepare the mayonnaise by putting the cream/yogurt with the mustard, oil, and salt that stinks of rotten egg. If the mixture does not rise as you want it, add a little more oil but normally it is instantaneous and for this recipe, you do not need a mayonnaise that is too firm.
  • In a small bowl, crumble the natural tofu, then mix with mayonnaise: I used a good part of the recipe but it all depends on your appetite for the thing: at worst, you will have a little left over to spread in a sandwich or to accompany your mixed bowls!
  • Once your asparagus is cooked, arrange them on a plate, place the tofu mayonnaise on top, pepper (with pink peppercorns on top of that, it’s really delicious!) and add either fresh onion or chives. This starter/main course is delicious with good sourdough bread!


The oil I use is an oil from the organic planet brand which has no particular taste: I appreciate its neutrality.For this recipe, I encourage you to choose the slightly smoother and more tender tofu from brands like tossolia or locadelice, which will have a finish similar to cooked egg.