Garlic and parsley stuffed mushrooms

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In life, besides the smell of hot, fresh bread, I believe there is a smell that could make me hungry under almost any circumstances, that of parsley butter.
By a divine invention, someone thought it good one day to mix parsley with butter and garlic, and we got a must for gastronomy.
Today I wanted to share this very simple recipe for small mushrooms with parsley “butter”, which is hard not to appreciate: it’s really very very good and as a bonus very easy to prepare.

Button mushrooms stuffed with parsley butter

Choosing the right button mushrooms

First of all, I recommend the delicious Bruns de Paris mushrooms: in addition to their magnificent brown color, they are generally firmer and lose less volume when cooked (at least from what I have noticed), in addition to have a stronger taste. On the downside, they are generally more expensive, but you can find them at quite reasonable prices in non-organic products.

Brown button mushrooms are generally grown in France, in cellars. We find them all year round, because it is a production that is not afraid of climatic variations on the surface!

To make cooking easier for you, and in order to have something homogeneous, take mushrooms of similar sizes if possible, preferably rather medium: as we are going to garnish them with margarine, you might as well avoid having any portobello size!

Vegan parsley butter

For this recipe to be a success, the more you choose a margarine with a pleasant taste, the more convincing it will be.
The amount of fat contained in margarines is also an important variable to take into account: the more water the margarine has, the more “liquid” the result will be because the margarine will go in the oven.
Even if it’s a greasy recipe, the mushrooms will soak up the margarine while cooking, and it’s much nicer with an 80% fat margarine than a 35% fat one.

To make the latter, it’s very simple: mix the margarine with the parsley, salt (if the margarine is not semi-salted) and garlic, to have a homogeneous mixture.
This parsley garlic “butter” can be used as you see fit, to make hot savory sandwiches, to spread on sandwiches…

Parsley mushrooms, a vegan alternative to garlic snails

When I was younger, I loved snails. I could eat a bunch of them, but besides the poor snails (who take advantage of letting them pass to devour my parsley), I think I loved licking the very salty and tasty butter that escaped from everywhere.
In this version, we find this fat that is not cheap, the simple and gourmet flavors of parsley and garlic and the salty side of coming back to it.
As for the mushrooms, once cooked, they take on a semi-melting, semi-resistant texture that can remind you of spared gastropods.
Arranged in a dish, with country bread left at your disposal, it’s a safe bet that there will be a few volunteers to do the dishes!

These mushrooms stuffed with parsley can be served as an aperitif, but also as an accompaniment to a simple mash, or gnocchi. For a brunch, it’s a perfect idea, and quick to execute. And of course don’t forget his undeniable touch for celebration mealespecially as an accompaniment to roasted vegetables.

Mushrooms stuffed with parsley and garlic

A very simple recipe for button mushrooms stuffed with a parsley-based margarine preparation (parsley, garlic and margarine), then baked.


  • 300 g mushrooms of Paris preferably brown
  • 80 g margarine very fatty (avoid the 35% mg)
  • 20 g parsley fresh
  • 2 pods garlic
  • 1/3 vs. coffee salt unless your margarine is semi-salted


  • Rinse the parsley, then remove the large stems to keep only the leaves (you need 20 g at the end, a little more does not hurt eventually).
  • Peel the garlic clove and remove the germ.
  • Put in a very small food processor or in a container adapted to your immersion blender: the margarine at room temperature, the parsley, the garlic and the salt. Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Rinse the mushrooms, then remove the stems (which you can use to make a delicious mushroom pasta recipe, for example!) and put them in an ovenproof dish.
  • Fill each mushroom cavity with parsley margarine, and put in the oven at 180°C for about twenty minutes.
  • Taste warm or hot but without burning yourself, and enjoy.


Preferably take mushrooms of equivalent size to avoid ending up with overcooked or undercooked mushrooms compared to each other!