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Far Breton with prunes

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For people who follow me on instagram, I made a recipe with prunes in September last year. I very rarely talk to you about the underside of the blog, and you have to say to yourself “what is the relationship? “. The report is that I was sent 2 kg of prunes. As it was a product that was not yet on the market, I was sent 2 boxes of “displays”, I made the recipe that I had to make, and as I already have a super fragile digestion, I I avoided hitting prunes like squares of chocolate. Every time I came home from shopping, I saw them on my shelves in the garage.
I started to give some, I think I have the most improbable gifts: with this job I had already received 5 kg of muesli for horses (the healthy stuff without sugar, all dry, when you put milk in it you can choke someone with it).
All that to get to the point: I have incorporated prunes here and there into my recipes. but without excess, but 2 kg of prunes, that’s excess haha.

So I wanted to take up this classic regional pastry that is far aux prunes, but in a vegan version.

Make prune flour without eggs

Those most loyal to the blog will recognize the recipe for clafoutis, and I admit it without shame: I took the same base because it was very suitable. It’s a recipe that I took a long time to calibrate to obtain the expected rendering of fondant, thick, on the “flat” side but not creamy.
And like every time I have a recipe that I love the way it looks, my first idea was to try a completely different recipe (which I missed) before coming back to this one.

In the end, it’s very simple: like every time we have a texture-sensitive recipe, I opted for soy yogurt. The rest are classic ingredients for a far aux prunes.
Above all, don’t forget the drizzle of rum that gives this recipe its appeal.

Cooking prune far

For 98% of the recipes I keep saying “yessss brown” because browning isn’t just a cooking process, it’s also a flavoring process. The beloved Maillard reaction that colors the pasta and gives it a golden cooked taste.
Well here, I’m not going to tell you to do that, because I find that we lose a bit of texture.
For the far effect, well the best thing is to cook it, that the edges begin to color, but do not push the cooking too much for a homogeneous golden because the texture would be a little more rubbery.
You can of course cook it longer if you wish.

Choose your prunes

Digestively, I’ve always looked at prunes sideways: I have a chaotic transit, and prunes are a bit like my kryptonite. (welcome to this blog if you come across it for the first time, at least you know that we talk about everything there ahah).
So to choose, I did not choose them.
Small digestive parenthesis by the way: my belly is doing much better since I switched to a plant-based diet, I can’t say if it’s a global change more focused on better, more raw foods, or if it’s also the stopping animal products, it always gets hollow if you ever live with a capricious belly!

Back to our prunes.

I worked for the brand “L’instant pruneau” which is a range of master Prunille. Some of the prunes were prunes d’Agen, which are a strict IGP, others dried prunes with substantially the same characteristics but which did not fall under this designation.
I advise you, for optimal tasting, to choose very melting prunes, and not half-dried prunes that look like old apricots.

There from this angle and with a can that quietly accepted its prunes, I found it delicious! It is a dessert which is quite dense because of its texture, which can be eaten alone, sprinkled with icing sugar (it is very unsweetened), or with a custard. I don’t have a recipe for it on the blog, but if you’re curious and curious, I slipped it into my vegan baking ebook. With other recipes of course, but among other things.

Far with vegan prunes

Prune far is a kind of fondant flan with prunes. It’s a dessert that normally consists of eggs, but the vegan version can be dispensed with by using ingredients like soy yogurt.


  • 200 g soy yogurt
  • 130 g wheat flour t45
  • 300 ml soy cream or failing that, soy milk
  • 200 g prunes
  • 100 g Granulated sugar
  • 60 g neutral oil
  • 1/2 vs. coffee salt
  • 1 vs. soup dark rum
  • 1 vs. coffee baking powder


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • Grease and flour a small square dish (for my part a classic square Pyrex dish in “brownie” format).
  • Place the prunes in the dish.
  • Mix the yogurt with the sugar, salt, oil, cream, and rum.
  • Add the flour and the baking powder in a fine rain to incorporate.
  • Pour the preparation into the dish, then bake for at least 35 minutes, until the top browns a little.
  • Leave to cool then cut. Normally you can take the slices out of the dish without problems.
  • Enjoy with a little sprinkled icing sugar or custard.