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Easy vegan cake

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Today we find ourselves for a really nice recipe that can be declined ad infinitum: the basic cake, in a vegan version! In an obviously pimped version, with a pretty icing covered with fresh fruit, which totally gives the change while it is very simple to make!

Soja Almond Sojade dessert

I received the brand’s soy and almond product soybeanwhich you certainly already know: Sojade offers desserts (fermented), vegetable drinks and culinary aids (cream type in vegetable version).
The products are made in France, and most of the products concern soy, grown in France: I rarely mention it because I think that the majority of people who read me do not make this amalgam, but soy which actively participates in deforestation is certainly not the one destined for human food consumption, but the one used to make fuels and feed livestock.

I often consume the natural Soja reference, which I use for a lot of recipes and which in my opinion is very neutral: the flavor of soy is discreet, fresh and goes well with everything.
I take them as needed either in individual jars or in 400-gram containers, the brand’s most developed format, and which allows me to avoid generating additional packaging as much as possible (the plastic lids have also been removed, in favor of the operculum).
In terms of ingredients, as usual with Sojade, it’s very simple: the plant in question, ferments, and that’s it!
Here we are on soy as the first ingredient, then almond puree, and ferment. No sugar, no salt, so you can use this product both sweet and savory, just like the plain soy version.

In terms of texture, it is a little thicker and creamier than the plain soy version, the almond brings something denser, less watery. The almond flavor is discreet but very present, I think it would be perfect for making a tiramisu or a cheesecake without cooking, without needing to add much, except a little sweetener!
I also see it perfectly in fromage frais, paired with, for example, a few roasted apricots for original aperitif toasts.

Vegan cake: baking without eggs

You know it now (at least I hope), here we cook without animal products, and what I am offering you today is neither more nor less than a “yoghurt” cake. I wanted to stick to a one-pot dosage for the cake, so I topped up the hydration of the batter with a little vanilla flavored soy beverage.
Since the Soja-Almond dessert is a little fattier/thicker than a plain soybean, I think that the plant-based drink will have to be reduced a little to obtain the same result (even if I really think that it should be done in small steps thing eh).
Like any yeast dough in vegan pastry, you must above all take care to:

  • Mix quickly, putting the yeast last with the flour: mixing too long activates the baking powder, which then begins to work before baking.
  • Put in the oven quickly after making the mixture: otherwise, same fight!
  • Tap the mold before putting in the oven. Well, I say tap but in fact it’s good to type huh!

The result obtained is very soft, it is an extremely simple recipe (a simple mixture, as my pastry teacher in CAP would have said!) the whole thing being to be rigorous on the mixing part, and not to insist more than necessary.

More generally, I really like to use the soy “dessert” instead of eggs: it contains a lot of protein, is used to moisten and is, from experience, one of the most reliable solutions to bring softness with silken tofu, that I have less often in my fridge.

Make an easy vegan cake, a holiday cake!

The cake itself is already very nice, but it’s still a basic cake, rather “dry” adventure, and when it’s party time, we LOVE big, well-filled cakes, right? Of the ones you take out of the fridge and bring to the table and where people say “hooo it’s pretty! “. Because we start first by eating with our eyes.
Here, I decided to include the almond soy dessert as a topping, as if it were a type of cream cheese icing, which I flavored with a hint of vanilla (but you can also choose to reinforce the almond aroma, adding bitter almond extract), and adding lots of fruit!

In the cake itself, I slipped a few raspberries, so that it would be a little surprised, but you can also add white chocolate chips (we find some really good with vanilla), or even nothing at all. everything.
On top, I sprinkled slivered almonds, then again on top, icing: I simply put the product to drain a few hours before and it was very creamy!
You can completely adapt this cake to your desires, to the contents of your cupboards, and to the seasons.
The fruits above can be raw, plain, you can also leave fruit out.
In short, it’s a real base to decline very easily, I hope it will be useful to you!

Now that you have all this in your hands, I give you the recipe, which, as you will see, is very simple to make!
It is extremely soft, I hope you like it!

Easy vegan cake

A big cake without eggs, without lactose, very easy to make and which can very easily be transformed into a party cake!


For the yogurt cake

  • 320 g wheat flour t45
  • 250 g Granulated sugar
  • 10 g baking powder phosphate free
  • 1/2 vs. coffee bicarbonate eating
  • 1/3 vs. coffee salt
  • 85 g vegetable oil neutral
  • 400 g vegetable dessert here almond soy – you can also use plain soy
  • 150 g soy drink
  • 1 vs. coffee vanilla flavor
  • 100 g raspberries here frozen
  • 1 vs. soup flour
  • 30 g flaked almonds
  • 1 vs. soup aroma of your choice

For the icing

  • 400 g vegetable dessert here soy almond
  • 20 g Granulated sugar
  • 1 vs. coffee aroma vanilla or almond


  • 500 g fruits of your choice !


The icing

  • In a colander/a strainer, place a clean cloth (cloth for example, a bulk bag, or even sterile compresses!), and pour the Soja-almond dessert into it. Make sure it’s in a bowl deep enough that the underside of the strainer won’t get soaked in the liquid.

The vegan cake

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C. Also prepare a mold 24 cm in diameter to avoid any risk: I then put parchment paper in the bottom, and on the edges, what is called “lining” in order to be sure to unmold without difficulty.
  • In a salad bowl, mix the Soya-almond, the oil and the soya drink, to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • Then add sugar, salt, stir.
  • Finally, add the rest of the ingredients on top (except the slivered almonds). Stir briefly, with efficiency and a steady motion, but don’t push too hard: the more you stir, the more the baking powder starts to work, the more likely you’ll get a pancake. If you’re worried about doing it wrong, feel free to add a lot of the flour, but save a small amount with the baking powder, only add everything at the end.
  • Mix the raspberries in the flour, to coat them well, then, put in your very smooth batter (it is a little thick but forms a ribbon, it is normal), and incorporate with delicacy with the spatula.
  • Pour into the mold, tap to homogenize the surface, and sprinkle with the slivered almonds.
  • Bake at 180°C (bake well in a hot oven) for about fifty minutes. The cake should be well cooked, golden, and the tip of a knife should come out completely dry. Do not prolong the cooking too much either, at the risk of making the cake dry.
  • Let cool for a few minutes, but unmold before too much moisture risks soaking the bottom. To do this, flip the mold quickly and sharply on a plate: thanks to your lining, you’ll see, it’s child’s play!
  • Leave the cake to cool completely on a wire rack, then take the drained soy-almond out of the fridge, mix with the sugar and flavoring (optional) and add the fruit of your choice on top!
  • Keep cool, and preferably take out a few minutes before tasting, to benefit from all the softness of this cake.


The reference “soy-almond” being a little thicker than plain soy, it is possible that the amount of liquid may have to be adjusted slightly (by reducing the soy beverage).
For the glaze, if the classic soy seems too watery, you can add a little margarine or almond puree.
If you do not use the reference mentioned, consider flavoring your cake, for example with vanilla, almond, etc.

If you are in a very greedy mood, you can cut the cake in half and add a fruit curd, a white chocolate ganache, or part of the icing with other fruits!