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Cinnamon roll donuts

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Every year, I have to tell you something like “I try to think of something original” for about all the stuff that comes up every year.
Usually I’m always late to share them with you, but this year, it’s clear that I’ve finally taken the fold of the galette which arrives too quickly, Candlemas then Shrove Tuesday. It doesn’t seem like that, but it takes time to get used to this frantic editorial calendar after an already very intense end-of-year period where I find myself inexorably in the juice as I start to get down to it very early on. .
Today, it is with a little pride that I offer you this recipe that struck me suddenly in the middle of nowhere, and that it did not let me go: donuts like cinnamon rolls.
We agree that cinnamon rolls don’t really need that to be delicious, but I couldn’t resist frying them to see. And well it’s falling apart.

My donut dough without eggs

For several years, I had remained on my donut doughwhich I found very easy to do and had binding.
That said, it gave a dough that could have been softer, but also dried very quickly afterwards.

As with brioche, which is a leavened dough and therefore similarly a little temperamental, removing the eggs disrupts the moisture in the dough, just as the absence of butter makes things a little different. I talk about it more extensively in my vegan baking ebook if you are ever interested!
I chose to add a little soy yogurt in the batter of this batch of donuts, and it was really for the best because they gained in softness and conservation. Even if we agree that the best time to eat donuts is when you have just made them and they are warm and crispy.

This dough is a little wetter than the usual dough for my other donuts: the more you hydrate a dough, the more it will gain in softness and elasticity, in any case, up to a certain stage (after this stage it becomes flat and it does not grow properly)! It is therefore interesting to experiment in this direction and to knead your yeast dough well, then to give them time to grow without excessive heat, at their own pace.
With few things, we really get much better results.

Cinnamon roll donuts

To start, let me state the obvious: donuts are cooked in frying, and not in an oven. However if you want, you can also use my recipe for butternut and cinnamon rolls who are kicking their ass on the ground.

When we got to our house, I believe one of our first purchases was a fryer. After 4 years in an apartment, we really wanted to be able to make fries without smelling cooked fat, and we bought a basic model from Moulinex, with a removable tray that makes cleaning easier.
She sleeps peacefully in our garage, where no one is afraid of smelling frying oil. The advantage is twofold, often fryers have a thermostat to manage the temperature of the oil, which still makes things easier compared to a large bowl filled with oil.
Beyond obtaining a successful cooking, we especially avoid something really bad: reaching the smoke point and the development of black particles. At this stage, normally if you want to avoid dying of cancer in 20 years by eating questionable fries several times, you throw away your oil.
Similarly, the oil should be changed regularly and should be filtered as needed so as not to have small food particles in it.
In short, donuts have to be earned (especially when you have to take bottles of oil to the recycling center!).

But when you like donuts, you know it’s all cat pee.
The shaping of the rolls is quite simple here, we will simply take care that the donut does not open either during the push or during cooking. To do this, we press well to solder then we do not hesitate to roll the sausage a little on itself.
I voluntarily chose to make small rolls, already because I had made a single dough recipe to avoid eating donuts for 3 days at all meals (the real life behind this blog), but also because everything simply, I find that it is already quite heavy in the classic version, to eat them as big once fried!
You are free to make them bigger according to your appetite.

As for the icing, I went with icing sugar like donut icing, I found it coherent and thematic, but nothing prevents you from using the icing of my cinnamon rolls like cream cheese if you want to break precisely this donut side and bring a little freshness.

Donuts cinnamon rolls

Donuts made with the flavors of the famous cinnamon rolls or cinnamon rolls in French in the text. Garnished with brown sugar and cinnamon, these very indulgent donuts are glazed with sugar or cream cheese, depending on your preference.


  • 15 g fresh yeast or 7 g dry
  • 40 g margarine (as much fat as possible)
  • 130 ml soy milk
  • 100 g soy yogurt
  • 50 g Granulated sugar
  • 340 g wheat flour t45
  • 1/2 vs. coffee salt end
  • 1 vs. soup vanilla flavor
  • 60 g margarine
  • 60 g brown sugar
  • 2 vs. soup cinnamon in powder
  • 100 g icing sugar


  • Prepare the donut batter. In the bowl of your mixer or your salad bowl, crumble the fresh yeast. If you use dehydrated yeast, I advise you to choose it carefully: some need to be rehydrated before, I find it boring, while others are to be incorporated as is into the dough without any particular action.Obviously, if your sachet asks you to rehydrate it, prepare the portion of soy milk aside and take a part that you will use with a little sugar to wake up the yeast (by slightly warming the soy milk).

  • Then, place the flour on top, and the rest of the ingredients (taking care to melt the margarine). The purpose of this maneuver is to avoid putting the yeast in contact with sugar or salt (especially if the weighing lasts a long time): in contact with sugar it gorges and loses its leavening power, in contact with salt, it dies.
  • Mix for a moment, until the dough comes away from the walls, and you can see the start of a gluten network. The important thing is to work the dough well for about ten minutes.
  • Then let rise covered until the dough doubles in volume.
  • Remove the air from the dough then preferably leave it in the fridge. I tirelessly repeat myself on the theme of yeast dough, but it really brings a much lighter texture to the dough. In addition, in our case, the dough is quite sticky warm, while it is much easier to work with cold.
  • Roll it thinly into a rectangle.
  • Soften the margarine and once it’s soft, add the brown sugar and cinnamon then mix to get like a scrub (but one that no one would want to spread on so they never have to take it off).
  • Spread evenly over the rectangle avoiding the edges of the dough and roll up. I chose to do putts that had a lot of turns, so I rolled width and not length as I usually would.
  • Then, check that the solder is very stable and if necessary stick with a little water, then cut into slices of a few centimeters to make rolls. If you have some ugly bits left over, GOOD because it’s always useful for testing oil temperature.
  • Place on a plate covered with parchment paper, and let rise a second time, for 30 minutes to 1h30 depending on the ambient temperature, but also that of your dough (out of the fridge, it will take longer to find the peach!).It should push a little but not too much either.

  • Heat your oil.
  • Take the rolls on the paper delicately to avoid crushing the growth, then fry on both sides, so that they are golden brown.
  • Drain, then let cool.
  • Mix the icing sugar (you can start with 50 grams of sugar if you don’t want to put too much on your donuts), with a little water, to obtain a thick rendering but which spreads. Go very gradually with the water, spoon by spoon. If it becomes too runny, you can add more icing sugar.
  • Freeze to your liking and enjoy!


I’m talking about a very fatty margarine. Always check the percentage of fat in margarine, because if it contains a lot of water, it will therefore logically bring much less fat and much more moisture, which can modify the texture of the brioche.
For this dough I used the margarines in wafers found in classic supermarkets (at fruit d’or or planta fin).
The amount of liquid is here worked with a mixer. For ease or if you are working by hand (which obviously makes kneading very hydrated dough more difficult), I recommend sticking to 100ml of soy milk.